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Women on the Water of Long Island Sound is made up of an enthusiastic group of over 250 women sailors from over 11 CT and NY area yacht clubs who love to sail, race, learn and socialize.

The 11 Women on the Water founding clubs plus our newly affiliated clubs are committed to supporting and promoting women's sailing education, social events and regattas within their own clubs and reaching out to women sailors and racers in Westchester County NY, Fairfield County CT, and Long Island.

The Women on the Water website and email newsletter were developed so that we could share resources and publicize open to the public event information among WOW member club sailors and with the broader public.

Through improved communication, we hope to advance women sailors in CT and NY, even if they are not members of a WOW affiliated yacht club.

(Please note and please understand. Women who are not members of an affiliated yacht club will not be able to participate in events that require yacht club membership, such as the Supper Series. Subscribing to our email newsletter does not entitle subscribers to any priviledges at affiliated yacht clubs. Our links page offers local 'learn to sail' resources that may be helpful to unafilliated sailors.)

While Women on the Water sailing events and activities are designed primarily for intermediate or advanced women sailors, WOW members and Reps encourage their 'home' clubs to further develop women sailors by offering a full slate of programs for all levels, including beginners.

Through involvement in Women on the Water, women have more opportunities to connect with other sailors, expand their sailing experiences, develop their skills, and find crew for local regattas.

Our signature activity is the 'Women on the Water (WOW) Sailing Supper Series' for which we divide into two groups, WOW East and WOW West. Each founding club hosts an Ideal 18 race (WEST) or casual sail (EAST), followed by a dinner. We sail, drink, laugh and dine. This series is for yacht club members only, or by invitation.

To participate in the Women on the Water sailing supper series, women must be affiliated with one of the 11 clubs that hosts a Supper Series event. Unaffiliated women sailors in CT and NY may participate in any sailing, social or educational event that a club opens to the public or to the wider WOW group.

All area women sailors are welcome to subscribe to our sailing events newsletter which promotes public sailing and education events.

List of Women on the Water of Long Island Sound affiliated yacht clubs.

Questions? Contact a WOW representative.

Welcome women sailors!